The Burning Question

So, now that everyone knows we are engaged everybody what’s to know two things

1. How did Sarah propose? and
2. Was I expecting it?

To answer the second question first, yeah I was half expecting it. We’ve had several conversations about when and how we would get engaged. I’ve always been a firm member of the ‘proposing in public is cruel’ club, I just think that proposing in public puts a lot of pressure on a person to say yes and sometimes, yes just isn’t the right answer, so I was always adamant that we wouldn’t have a public proposal and knew that Sarah knew me well enough not to try it (and that ny threat to say No on principle if she did was genuine!). Then there is the fact I don’t like surprises, useless I know, so we had decided that one day we would just go out and buy rings. Except then I changed my mind! It was a forgone conclusion that Sarah would be the one asking, purely because I am too much of a wimp, and a decided that a little bit of surprise would be good, but just a little bit.
Earlier in the year we had a chat and Sarah told me this would be the year, so I had a time frame which was good, but it would still be a surprise. I spent a lot of time trying to work out when she might do it, we had already passed both of our birthdays and Valentine’s day that left our anniversary, Christmas and New Year, so I’d narrowed it down even more.
It got to a week before Christmas and I started getting edgy, doing my nut because I was sure she was going to do it, she kept dropping herself in it, talking about engagement parties and people wanting to buy hats and then abruptly cutting herself off. My poor work colleagues spent the last week of term listening to my panicked ‘she’s going to do it isn’t she? She’s going to ask me. What am I going to do with my face?’ Then she said one night ‘I feel really bad because I’ve not gotten you much, but I did get you one quite expensive thing.’ She was really going to do it, except what if she didn’t? I spent the three days before Christmas trying to work out how to keep the disappointment off my face if she didn’t.
So yes, I sort of knew, but as you can see I’d probably have been better off if it had been a total surprise!

So how did she do it? It was the first Christmas we had woken up in our flat just the two of us instead of being at my mum’s. We st around the tree and exchanged gifts, the ring was my last gift to unwrap. Sarah had put the ring box into a bigger box so it wasn’t so obvious (adding to my anxiety about it not being what I thought it was) I think we just kind if stared at each other for a while after I opened it and then she said ‘is that a yes then,’ I don’t really know what I said but I think I told her she at least had to put the ring on my finger.

It was all a lot more stressful than I expected, I spent most of the day feeling sick, half my family and all of our friends knew before I did but I see that as a good thing now, I don’t think I was in any state to have to tell people! Thank God for Facebook though otherwise I would have no doubt forgotten to tell someone!

For me this was the perfect engagement, just us, understated. I wouldn’t change it, or my ring, for the world.



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  1. I loved reading this, it got me all emotional! Xx

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