So, it’s safe to say that by this point everyone of any importance in both of our lives know we are engaged. Our friends, families and work colleagues as well as our acquaintances have all found out be it from word of mouth or the wonders of social networking and I’ve actually been amazed by some of the reactions we have had.

Mostly people have been congratulatory; in fact, there’s no ‘mostly’ about it. Everyone has been congratulatory it has simply been the way they have verbalised that fact that has differed somewhat.

I got the squealing I expected from our closest friends and much of our families which were immediately followed by questions, how did she do it? When will we get married? Will we both wear dressed? That kind of thing. Even the girls at work have gotten involved with this level of excitement and its nice to be involved in the hubbub, even if my stock response is ‘I just don’t know it’s soooooo stressful!’

Then there’s the way some of the men I know have congratulated me. Mostly the guys at work and totally 100% a baffling reaction for me. My boss, on hearing the news, told me ‘Well Done’ and several others have followed. Is it just me who thinks that is a strange reaction? I felt like I was being told ‘well done on persuading someone to spend the rest of their life with you. Massive achievement.’ Maybe in this case it’s just me, but I did feel like I was only one step away from being given a gold star.

And finally are the people who seemed confused by the whole thing. With my grandparents I understand their confusion, they grew up in a time when same sex relationships weren’t particularly talked about never mind accepted. I understand that wrapping their head around their granddaughter being gay, never mind marrying her partner might be difficult and because of that I forgive them for not so much as mentioning the fact we were engaged never mind offering congratulations when we saw them on Christmas day. But there are people in my life who should be, if not more accepting, at least more understanding about the situation.

Someone, who will remain nameless, whose reaction to me coming out was a scoffed ‘well that’s obviously just a phase’ (I was 21 when I eventually came out) reacted to the news with an equally scoffed ‘well how does that even work?’ it worries me that this person teaches in a primary school and their attitudes shape the attitudes of a younger generation.

I kind of feel like this post is just a massive rant with no real purpose or direction and no real conclusion, actually that’s exactly what it is but I needed to get it off my chest and you lucky lot get to read it! I promise there will be a more worthwhile post soon, maybe with actual wedding stuff!!! Let me know though, if there’s anything you guys want to know/ read.


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