A Small Update

I’ve been a very bad blogger recently and this still isn’t a decent post but I have another in the pipe line and I promise to actually write it in the next few days, also Sarah has agreed to write a post too so hopefully that will come soon.

There hasn’t been much actual wedding chat on the blog yet and as it is a wedding blog I thought I would deal with that now. We haven’t really done any major planning yet but we have been slowly making the small decisions which will make everything that little bit more special and that’s what I’m going to share today.

  • We’ve chosen our bridesmaids (4 of them and I will probably write a blog on them soon)
  • We’ve decided what name we are going to take when we finally tie the knot (A blog on this is on its way!)
  • Our bridesmaids will wear black and they will each have a dress which suits them because not everyone can pull of the same style and why would you want to put your bridesmaids in hideous dresses because that just ruins your pictures right?
  • We’ve decided on a black wedding cake and have a style in mind, we’ve also started discussing the cake flavours because neither of us like fruit cake.
  • Our flowers will be origami and made of our favorite books, the bridesmaids will have the same made from their favorite books.
  • We’ve narrowed the list of photographers down (we know quite a few between us who could do it and also provide a photo booth for the reception).
  • We have tentatively decided on an afternoon wedding followed by a reception and probably no formal sit down meal but a hot buffet and a big party instead.
  • We have a first dance song and hopefully a very special version of it sung by a choir that we both used to be in as they added it to their set after we left.
  • I’ve decided I will definitely wear a dress even though getting one will be a stress because I will regret it otherwise.

That’s about where we are at really, like I said, just the little things but it’s a start and at least I am managing to actually talk about the practicalities without freaking out. We have realised that we are planning our teenage fantasy goth wedding our big fat lesbian goth wedding then!

I’m sorry this has been short but I wanted to leave something after so long and like I said there are posts to come. I promise I will write them very soon!


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