If Music be the Food of Love…

How on earth do you go about choosing your wedding music or a reading for your ceremony? I mean, how do you find something that stays true to you but is still, I don’t know, appropriate? And how do you find something you both agree on, especially if you are like us and your musical taste couldn’t be more different?

Now I love music, we both do. For me it’s what I use to motivate me to work out, to inspire me when I have writers block and to blast the bad mood out of me when I’m feeling stressed out. My dad used to laugh at me when I was a teenager because I only really listened to what he called ‘whingeing bitches’ and although my taste in music has grown a lot since then and I now pride myself on my eclectic taste this is a case where I am completely stumped.

If you search ‘Wedding ceremony music’ in google the same pieces get thrown up over and over again; The Wedding March (obviously) Pachelbel’s Cannon (which has also been suggested to me by someone I work with) and then, for some inexplicable reason several instrumental pieces from the Twilight Saga. Add things like My Heart Will Go On and All You Need is Love into the mix and you are looking at the beginnings of my idea of hell on earth, and if you’d seen the look on Sarah’s face when I mentioned Pachelbel’s Cannon; lets just say there’s not a chance in hell!

I don’t think either of us had really thought about our ceremony music until it was mentioned at our registry office meeting a few weeks ago despite having chosen our first (and second) dance songs months and months ago and with relative ease. But to be told we need three separate pieces of music for our ceremony has us both stumped. Every suggestion we’ve been given by other people and everything we’ve talked together just hasn’t felt right and it’s looking increasingly like we’ll be walking down the isle Purse First…

We’ve been together long enough (and made each other enough mix CD’s) that there are tonnes of songs that we associate with each other both mutually and individually but the more we talk about it the more it’s clear that NONE of those songs are ones that are really suitable for a wedding, all sounding great until you actually listen to the lyrics and realise that they probably couldn’t get much more depressing.

The song that I always classify as ‘our song’ Gravity by Sara Bareilles

is something which we mutually fell in love with the first time we heard it as part of the soundtrack of Loving Annabelle well before Sara Bareilles was a name in the UK. It’s a beautiful song with some of my favorite lyrics ever written, but if you actually listen to all of the lyrics properly, well, it’s a bit of a downer for a wedding day.

Part of MY problem is that I don’t want anything too obvious or too overly romantic. I know, I know, it’s a wedding, it’s supposed to be romantic but that’s just not US. The first Mix CD Sarah ever made for me had I Hate Everything About You (Three Days Grace) on it for crying out loud and we call each other a twat more times a day than we say ‘I love you’. Anyone who knows us well isn’t going to be able to keep a straight face if we walk down the isle to something too sappy and I want tears because we look amazing not tears of laughter thank you very much!

This same issue applies to readings and again, it wasn’t something we had thought about until it was mentioned at our meeting. Obviously, with it being a registry office wedding we can’t have anything religious (not that that is an issue for either of us) but then what are you left with, millions of poems and pieces of prose which needs to be narrowed down to one piece which is perfect for both of you.

Again I turned to google which threw up the romantic poets, Shakespearean sonnets and huge chunks of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin that I know Sarah won’t touch with a ten foot pole. Then there’s the more modern stuff, chunks from movies and books, quotes from Harry Potter, which would be perfect for me but which Sarah doesn’t share my interest in. It’s an area we need to research more but the only thing that is stopping me stressing about it is that we have until September and our final details meeting to make these decisions.

If all else fails we’ll walk down the isle to this:

a song I personally believe was written about Sarah. And the reading will be taken from Chapter 18 of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…

“Another thing that got forgotten was the fact that, against all probability, a sperm whale had suddenly been called into existence several miles above the surface of an alien planet………And the rest, after a sudden, wet thud, was silence.”


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