Say Yes to the Dress…

So Sarah has done her bit, her dress shopping experience, so I figured it was about time I shared mine too.

I admit it was the bit of the whole wedding planning thing that I was least looking forward to. To start with I HATE shopping, especially if I need something and let’s face it, if you’re wedding dress shopping you’re going to come to a point where you HAVE to find something. Secondly I’m just not a dress person, I’m very rarely seen in a dress (except from the odd skater dress I wear for work which I don’t think counts) so when I do put a dress on I just think I look weird because I’m not used to seeing myself that way. From the very beginning I was psyching myself up for a truly traumatic experience.

I know, I know, I don’t HAVE to wear a dress but after weighing up and discarding the other options (and the look on Sarah’s face when I half-jokingly suggested jeans) I decided that I would simply regret it in later years if I didn’t wear a wedding dress, so with that decided it was time to look to the next problem; what style?

Like I’ve said I’m not a ‘dress girl’ so when people started asking me questions about length and other style points I just blinked stupidly at them, I didn’t know. I wasn’t one of those little girls who imagined what their wedding dress would look like, (that I remember at least) and I couldn’t for the life of me imagine me actually in one. So without any answers to the style question, I moved onto the next one; who to take with me?

I know I’m a nightmare to shop with, even Sarah hates shopping with me when I need something and I knew this was going to be even worse than usual. I resisted letting my mum come with me, pretty convinced that she would just cry a lot, tell me they all looked beautiful and just make me more cross! In the end I relented though and let her come and asked a couple of my aunties to come too, knowing that they would be happy to swear at me and tell me to get a grip if I threw a strop as well as being totally honest with me.

The where was easy, Sarah had already been on her first trip a couple of weeks before me and from her experiences I knew that the best place for me to start was Wed2b, purely because it sounded like the most relaxing environment for something I was sure was going to be super stressful.

I still wasn’t happy, even with my team assembled and a plan in place but I was 100% sure of what I wanted, tea length, because I was convinced that a full length dress would make me look like I was on casters, and with some kind of sleeves because I don’t like the tops of my arms. Easy. But I knew it was something I had to do.

The way it works in Wed2b is that you browse the dresses and choose 4 initially to try on. I struggled to find 4 tea length dresses so ended up with just 3 none of which I was 100% in love with. I tried 2 on and while I liked them I by no means loved them so I decided to go out and look again. I decided at that point that I should maybe try a full length one on just to make sure that that was definitely not what I wanted. I never for one second thought I would have the moment, I was convinced I was going to settle on something that was just ok, but before the woman in the shop had even finished lacing up the back I knew that I’d found the one and seeing the look on my mums face I knew she knew it too. Every picture of me in the dress I’m either flailing my hands around or they are clenched in fists at my sides, a throw back from excited child Libby that came out in that moment. I could have quite happily just kept the dress on forever, it’s nothing like what I thought I wanted, nothing like anything Sarah would have imagined for me but it’s beautiful and it makes me feel like a princess. It’s also full length which means my dream of wearing comfy shoes on my wedding day can be a reality (anyone finds any nice all white Nikes let me know yeah?).

The struggle begins now though. The dress fits me perfectly which is amazing but I have also just hit my stride in the gym and weight loss department, finding it easy to lose weight, a couple of months ago I would have been thrilled about this but now I hate it. Maintenance is definitely harder than loss so if anyone has any tips on that too throw them my way.

I feel like this has been quite rambley and I know it is well overdue but life has been busy and I’m telling you, typing in a scaphoid cast is not the easiest nor most comfortable thing ever. I promise the next one wont be so long in coming!



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