Our Big Fat Lesbian Life

So, it’s been a while and though that’s because nothing much has been going on in wedding land I still wanted to write an update and that means you get to take a look into our big fat lesbian life which has been truly hectic of late. Before I go any further I’d like to point out that, in true summer holiday fashion, I started developing a cold the day after I finished work for the summer and that cold has tried it’s very hardest to kill me! The last of it has only just left my system, three weeks later, so along side everything in this blog I have been coughing, sniffling and pathetic, oh and coughing some more. I don’t normally write about my/ our life, mostly because I don’t find it all that thrilling but we have been up to a lot the last few weeks so here goes…

Northern Pride (the largest free pride in the country, or so I’m told)

When I moved to York for university there was no such thing as Northern Pride or York Pride but at some point in the four years I was away Pride in both cities was born.

I went to York Pride once and I knew straight away that it wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the need for Pride, probably more now than I did then, but nothing about it is fun for me. I’ve never been one of those ‘I’m here, I’m queer’ lesbians who feels the need to lead with the fact I’m gay in an introduction, I’m also not a person who likes crowds, lots of noise, day time drinking or, lets be honest, people so I was content to let pride go on without me while I hid somewhere where all the other people weren’t. That said, our first year back in Newcastle we did go to Northern Pride and as expected it was my idea of hell on earth, mostly because it was so big and I don’t think going to work a Pride shift in Gossip/ Powerhouse afterwards endeared me to it further.

I didn’t go back again.

That is of course until this year, when I realised that the only way I was going to get to see my lovely friend Fritha while she was home from Lincoln was if I attended. I missed her last year (and I missed meeting Heather Peace) because I was feeling stubborn and anti human but I refused to do the same this year. Sarah was working which meant I was on my own, so in a fit of madness, or genius, or something, I decided that the only way I’d get there was if I met Fritha before the park, which means I didn’t just go to Pride, I ended up in the parade too.

I very much didn’t want to enjoy it. In fact, I went into it all believing very strongly that I wouldn’t and also more than slightly weary of being a part of such a large crowd after everything that has gone on in the world recently (which is shit because we shouldn’t have to live our lives terrified that something bad is going to happen but I bet I wasn’t the only one thinking it).

I can admit now though, that I did enjoy myself. The company was the driving factor in that but Heather Peace and £6 worth of glitter on my face making me feel like a goddamed mermaid certainly helped. The sunburn that I ended up with that made wearing clothes a chore for about a week wasn’t so great though, who’d have thought that it could get that hot in Newcastle at any point in the year?! (There were blisters the lot, it wasn’t attractive)

Who knows, maybe next year I’ll make it back and Sarah will finally get the time of work to come and enjoy the fun!

John Moves In…

John is my baby brother and the best man at our wedding, (it’s also his car that broke my scaphoid but we wont get into that…). His lovely girlfriend Jess got herself a job back home in Stowmarket and since John can’t follow her just yet he’s coming to live with us for a bit. So to that end we spent a weekend (and the rest, also the first few days of Sarah’s holiday) moving John’s stuff from his flat to ours. He told me he didn’t have a lot, I told him I’d tidied that spare room for him, I took his words at face value, he took mine to mean that the spare room was empty (it wasn’t, the spare room is essentially our dressing room therefore full of our clothes and there’s no where else for them to go). There was a point where we had enough parts to build ourselves a car in the living room, but what we do now have is a stupidly huge TV that I’m terrified to be anywhere near just in case I break it sitting in the middle of the living room floor because it’s too big to fit anywhere (honestly it’s twice the size of our TV unit).

He fucked off to Stowmarket for a week and a half the moment it was done so I can’t comment on how long it’s going to take before Sarah has to mediate between us or we kill each other but I am already reaping the benefits of having all of his shit here. We got a new sofa, coffee table and microwave out of it and I’m enjoying having a working hoover and a superior steam mop in the flat, honestly the place has never looked so clean. I should take the chance to mention that before he fucked off he did take us to Fat Hippo for tea and we did eat too much.

I love my brother but watch this space, he’s due back in the next hour and then we actually have to live with each other. My next blog post might be written from prison while I wait to be tried for murder.

York Baby!

So it’s been about five years since we left York to move back to Newcastle and in that time I’ve been back twice and Sarah has been back once. The last time we were there was shit, we were back for the funeral of a friend who we shouldn’t have lost so soon, it was a week before Christmas and it had the potential to put me off York for life. Aside from missing a few people it didn’t bother me that it had been so long since I’d been in York, I feel a bit weird about the place, I lived there for so long but when I go back I feel like a tourist again and, I don’t know, it’s odd. I think I’d told myself I didn’t miss it and I was ok with that but one of our best friends (and one of our bridesmaids) was getting married and there was no way we were going to miss it.

It worked out that we had about a day and a half free around the wedding to ourselves so we took the opportunity to explore and to treat ourselves because, as Sarah kept reminding me, we were on our holidays. I found that it’s changed a lot without actually changing at all and I was reminded of all the things I miss about living there, too many of them revolving around food.

York has always been great for quirky little shops and that hasn’t changed and they turned out to be the perfect places to get some new crystals for Sarah to make into jewellery for her shop (and as I’ve never mentioned it here before, have a link! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LunaMayCreationsShop). We also came into contact with some spooky stuff that neither of us had been tuned in enough to notice when we lived there (I feel like there should be more to that sentence but I feel like that is a whole other, Sarah written, blog post in the making).

The wedding, while a total pain to get to on account of the fact it was out in the middle of nowhere, was beautiful. It’s the first time, as an adult, that I’ve been at the whole wedding from the church right through to the end of the evening reception.

The reception, which included pimms in jars on arrival and an ice cream van, was in a barn that Lolly had decorated herself. It was gorgeous, all the little details and the bigger ones were just perfect and I’m so pleased that we were there to share Lolly and Stephen’s special day. I wont lie we did spend a lot of time on the look out for things we might have forgotten for our wedding and I’ve just remembered that Sarah said she wanted personalised stickers for something and I don’t remember what so this is a note to myself to ask her when she gets in from work!

A recurring theme in the last few weeks has been me changing my mind about things (I’m pretty sure that my dad will claim that its a recurring theme in my life) and actually enjoying them, I did the same with York. I remembered the reason I loved the city, although I was also reminded of the reasons I used to avoid the place on a Saturday, I found some new places to shop but most importantly, I got the chance to reconnect with someone who I’d really missed a lot. It wont be so long before we are back and we certainly wont need an excuse or occasion this time, in fact we are already talking about heading down in the new year after all the wedding hype is done and dusted.

And finally, so you don’t feel cheated by a wedding blog that isn’t actually about a wedding, here’s a little update:

  • we’ve found a photographer who doesn’t charge an arm and six legs who is free on the date we need and we are in the process of setting up a meeting with him
  • I’ve decided out confetti cones are going to be made out of the Unbreakable Vow chapter of HP: Half Blood Prince.
  • I booked the train tickets for our minimoon in Edinburgh plus a day in Glasgow so I can take Sarah to the necropolis because it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t end up in a cemetery.

I promise I’ll be back soon with a proper wedding blog and in the meantime, if there’s anything you want to know or any suggestions for future posts, just drop us a comment.



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