Don’t get too excited

So yet again, almost a month has passed and I’ve failed to add any content at all to the blog, my countdown app is telling me there are 46 days to go and there’s still a lot to do. Eep.

That said, we have managed to achieve some things in the past month and now, its mostly little things that need to be done (except for you know, rings and a car, but they aren’t important at all right?) so this blog is just going to be a little filler, a little update of where we are at.

It took us a while but we finally managed to get all of the invitations sent out. After starting to send the day time invites out in June the last of the nighttime invites went out a couple of weeks ago (unless there are some hidden in the mess of the coffee table, in which case, I apologise for the lie). That means I can finally share them with everyone else. I am so proud and so pleased with how they turned out, even if I did spend a lot of time cursing the decision to hand make them, especially once I had my hand in a cast which made the whole process much more difficult. A very talented friend of ours agreed to design them for us, I got them printed at the printers at work, Sarah hand lettered the day time information in the fonts of some of our favorite films/ TV and then we stuck them all together. The day time invite is based on a Tarot card and the night time invite is based on a Ouija board and they couldn’t be more us!


The day time invites did contain rose petals and I honestly didn’t think that was a problem, I thought it was nice, a little romantic. It caused hell! Apparently I am responsible for several family members having to get the hoover out to get rid of the mess and Sarah’s family have taken great pleasure in trying to ‘get us back’ by filling RSVP envelopes with either the rose petals (like all good lesbians we love that they recycled!) or other confetti. Now as someone who has been finding tiny foil hearts all over the house since we got engaged (yeah thanks Lolly!) I’m generally quite careful when I open envelopes especially when they feel like they are weighted weird, but obviously the people we know are violent letter openers. I would apologise for the rose petals going everywhere but I wouldn’t mean it so I wont!

We found a photographer! I’m so pleased and relieved that after meeting him we liked him as much as we liked his website. We had looked at so many photographers and either didn’t like their work or the package they offered didn’t appeal to us although I did find one company who were amazing, I fell in love with every picture of theirs I could get my hands on and they were based in Yorkshire but willing to travel. I couldn’t however bring myself to part with £1600 (more than our wedding dresses cost together). I’m glad we went with Paul though. He met us at the house, listened to our ideas and what we needed and wasn’t the slightest bit perturbed that we are doing everything we possibly can backwards. He won Sarah over because when we mentioned cemetery’s he barely batted an eye and told us that he used to take a lot of pictures in cemetery’s using infrared. I’m excited to see the kinds of ideas he comes up with and I really think we are going to get an end result that we are both pleased with. For the first time I’m not worried about the fact I’m going to have my picture taken hundreds of times throughout the day!

All the handmade components are in full swing. Sarah is mostly working on necklaces and hair combs for the bridesmaids while I’m stitching up a frenzy working on gifts. Every guest in our house is expected to make at least one dream catcher, or, if you’re Carl, decorate a mask for the photo booth. Our prop box is pretty much done, although I know that Sarah is going to have a lot of fun shopping the Halloween sections in a few weeks when things start appearing. Our final details meeting with the Registry Office is on Wednesday, although Sarah is going to have to go alone because I’m back at work and it’s the start of term so there is no way I can get away and then I guess it’s just a race to get all of the little things done while simultaneously trying to work full time and not let it all get on top of us at the same time. Easy, right?

The post has been totally rambley and maybe a little pointless but hey, its a post, and I promise, there is actual entertaining content in the works, we just have to find the time to make it!


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