Our Big Fat Lesbian Unboxing…


*WARNING* This blog is NOT for the faint hearted (or the easily offended…)*WARNING*

Sarah is currently filming the video to go with this blog, so I’m taking the opportunity to write the blog to go with it (while also prodding her occasionally prodding her in the face with a giant penis straw).

So after the blog a couple of posts back about lesbian hen do’s and a conversation with the lovely Jack and Michael we decided that buying a load of stag do/ lesbian hen do tat and doing an unboxing on camera would be hilarious. So, unbeknown to Sarah I spent £20 on a variety of things from eBay and didn’t tell her what any of it was.

Fast forward a few weeks and everything has arrived, we’ve spent the evening talking weddings and testing wedding cake and Sarah has decided that tonight is the night. I promise she’s not as drunk as she sounds…

Like Sarah mentioned in the video, I had my work hen party on saturday, except I didn’t want a hen party so it was reclassified as #mybigfatlesbiannonhendo. I think I made it apparent in my inflatable vagina blog that I really didn’t want a hen party but like all good friends Ellie and Jen decided to ignore all of my instructions and plan one anyway. I was totally prepared to be a #reluctanthen but, hoping that they had at least listened to my requests regarding hen party paraphernalia, I was willing to give it a shot.

It’s unsurprising that, since they had ignored my feelings on having a hen party, they ignored my feelings on the things that go with it as well but honestly, and despite that, I had the best night out I’ve had in ages. My favorite thing to come out of the pussy bag was Flagina, my inflatable flamingo, a much more tasteful and appreciated substitute for an inflatable penis or vagina. Flagina followed us the whole night until she was bitten to death in the Pink Room in the early hours of the morning #RIPFlagina.

The night was everything I love on a night out, drinks in a pub then dancing in a bar with a drag queen DJ (yes I am that easily pleased!) I honestly haven’t been that drunk in a while, I spent the whole time in the Pink Room lip syncing like I was on a contestant on Drag Race All Stars and I was the last woman standing!

Sarah’s hen is next, predictably she’s going to Keilder Castle for a ghost hunt and then going out afterwards, I’m sure I can manage to persuade her to blog about it once its done.

I also think the giant penis straw needs to become a prop in every vlog she films because I think it’s hilarious. I might just sit off camera every time and prod her in the face with it!

Till next time.



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