Drag Idol 2017: Week 2

So here it is, the eagerly awaited (oh shut up, at least one person is bound to be eager) Drag Idol week 2 blog post from Ourbigfatlesbianlife. I can only apologise that it’s taken me this long, I had intended to get it out last night but the words just weren’t coming so it’s 7am on a Saturday and I’m trying again, and I’m determined!

Before we get down the the nitty gritty I think it’s only right that we spend a few short moments in respectful, awed silence for Miss Rory’s dress from Sunday night because fuck! I mean, I know Rory always turns it out and I love love loved the wig last week, but Sunday nights frock, Jesus! I didn’t know where to put my eyes (though in the notes I scribbled watching the show on Thursday night apparently I was all about the ass…) but it was a pleasant distraction throughout the show when the acts weren’t exactly thrilling me!

But anyway…Drag Idol, that’s right.

Week 2, the theme? Fierce and Fabulous, for some an utter success, for others varying degrees of flop. The acts had diminished slightly since week one leaving a relatively short show for so early in the competition (though I wasn’t complaining about that when I watched it back half asleep on Thursday night). Strawberry Chan (Chai? Chan? I suppose it doesn’t matter now) left the competition midweek, dropping Team Penni down to two contestants straight off the bat and Coppa Feel ans Sapphire Blue didn’t perform on the night earning themselves a free pass into next week.

Mary Jane Holland opened the show looking fierce as all fuck and vogued the house down with a lip sync that was on point from start to finish. I will admit that half way through I started to lose interest but I think that maybe says more about me than it does about the number.

Kitana came next and gets points for using some comments from last week in her track and a little bit of magic to add a comedy/campy element to the number. She won me over completely by incorporating a little bit of Miranda Priestly in there and particularly the ‘Cerulean speech’ along with the dress reveal which as a Devil Wears Prada fan, really did it for me. Kitana looked a lot more confident for the whole of her number this week unlike last weeks shaky start and truly looked like she was enjoying herself about as much as Peter seemed to be enjoying watching her, and as much as I enjoyed her I’m yet to decide what was more entertaining, her performance or peters facial expressions in the background!

We all knew, or at least held a strong hope, that The Dragon and the Whale were going to come back with something as, if not more, ridiculous for the second week and they did not disappoint. Again swapping their usual characters Plop floored me when he took to the stage as pure fish while Delonco took on the role of the beast. As well as being entertaining it was also clever using the traditional definition of fierce to tie a story together. These guys are still in my top few and I’m struggling to think of anything they could do to change that at this point.

This next one breaks my heart a little bit because week one I loved Rachel Rear, I loved the look, I loved the number and I wasn’t mad that she got best in show, but this week… The concept I loved, the track I loved and a number that focuses solely on movement rather than a lip sync was a nice change but the execution wasn’t there for me. I’m glad Rachel got to stay into next week and I’m hoping for a return to form in the next show.

Last week Wendy Towers felt I had underestimated her so this week I was really hoping that my previous indifference would be proven wrong, it wasn’t BUT I now see potential where I didn’t see it last week. The look was stunning, from the wig, to the face, to the outfit (we aren’t going to talk about the shoes because I have nothing polite to say about them) and the actual performance was an improvement on last week but I want more!

Who told Elle Uminati all of the secrets to my heart? (Jack Plastiq was it you?) Pink, thigh high boots, tiny dress, fucking attitude, hallow ! I am so much the lesbian stereotype in that Pink is my queen and I like that she isn’t necessarily the first artist you would think of when it comes to fierce and fabulous but she is both of those things in spades something which Elle totally embodied. It was essentially a stand and sing but a stand and sing with energy and I look forward to seeing what Elle brings next.

Last week I put a challenge to Cheap as Chips to top the ‘drilldo’ and by God did they deliver not only topping the props but topping their performance. I’ve always thought that Miley’s transformation from Disney girl to edgy pop star would be a good one to do in drag but had never worked out the logistics of it without a long off stage change, I’d never thought of a double act but Cheap as Chips did and they did it well. I’m pleased that they got best in show this week and, like The Dragon and the Whale they remain up their as my favorites so far. If Facebook is to be believed the props next week are going to be bigger and better again and I can’t wait to see what they pull out of the bag. My wife is in on some of the secrets for next week and although she’s been sworn to secrecy she has told me that she thinks its going to be one to look out for.

When Vee Savi posted on Facebook that she hoped no one had coulrophobia I wanted to cry. I had visions of a big curly wig and a red nose and a) couldn’t work out how that was going to be fierce or fabulous and b) was terrified because clowns make me want to cry, I didn’t want to hate the performance but I was worried that I was going to. Thankfully I didn’t need to worry, Jinxx Monsoon’s cover of Creep is one of my favorite things to come out of Drag Race and Vee embodied the song offering a smashing performance complete with props and cake, always a winner. I think the thing I love most about Vee is that she always looks like she is enjoying every minute of what she does and isn’t that just the most important thing? Clown or not Vee still remains in my top three so far.

As with every week someone has to go home and this week saw the end of the road for Vicky Valentine. The performance wasn’t all that different to last week and again I’ll say nothing about the shoes. Vicky left the stage at the end of the number and didn’t come back for her comments so it was pretty obvious who was going to be going home. I do wonder though, if Vicky hadn’t walked, whether the decision would have been as easy or if other contestants might have found themselves in trouble. Something tells me it wouldn’t have been as cut and dry as last week.

Next weeks theme is Night at the Movies, another opportunity for what is turning out to be a very creative bunch to impress the judges and get one step close to the final.

Don’t forget you can watch Drag Idol live in Switch Sunday night from 9:30, on the website from about Wednesday or you can catch the highlights on Made in Tyne and Wear on Fridays at ten.

Until next week, when I promise to try and get the blog out on Wednesday/ Thursday

L x


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