Drag Idol: Week 4 

I can’t quite believe that we are only on week four, I kind of feel like this years Drag Idol has been going on forever and I’m already starting to forget what happened in earlier weeks. Myself and Jack Plastiq spent some time this week filming some future content for the blog rather than watching Sunday’s show which meant I ended up watching it on my own on Thursday night. I’ll tell you now, it’s far less fun watching alone than it is watching with friends and I can’t deny that I was doing a lot of talking to myself while doing it, but my notes are a bit better than last weeks so that is a bonus. 

HallowQueen is such a broad theme that there was really no guessing what any of the acts would come up with this week and although I’d heard some rumours in the lead up I didn’t know what anyone had done until I watched the snapchat on Monday morning.

Kitana opened the show and if it was down to looks alone I would have put her straight through to the final there and then, the number however, wasn’t my favourite. I haven’t seen Suicide Squad and aside from knowing what Harley Quinn looks like I know very little about her character, so I know that Kitana had the look down, but anything else, I don’t know. (I’ve realised I’m writing this like I would speak it and it’s probably not going to read very well without my facial expressions or hand gestures but let’s just run with it.) There was a lot going on in the number and I honestly struggled to keep up with it all and what was going on. Not terrible by any stretch but not my favourite of Kitana’s numbers by any stretch.

Mary Jane Holland appeared on stage in a suit carrier and proceeded to present a well thought out, creative number to Sia’s Alive. I enjoyed it, she looked flawless, showed an intelligent use of props and brought an animal heart back to the Drag Idol stage; I’m just thankful that it didn’t end up in someone’s mouth this year. Mary Jane took some het from the judges after the originality of her numbers over the last few weeks was called into question. I’m slightly torn about the whole thing, on one hand it’s a competition and I feel like in order to win a competition everything you do needs to be as original as possible but, on the other hand, this is drag, it’s an art and as with any art form, people pull inspiration from everywhere and present similar ideas in slightly different ways. Mary Jane did admit that her Human Centepede from last week had been originally done by Sharon Needles but that she had added the conga to it to add some comedic value so it wasn’t a complete rip off and maybe that’s enough, maybe?

I had high hopes for The Dragon and the Whale this week (like every week) and again I wasn’t disappointed. From the live element, to the horror element, to the comedy element it was week thought out, well executed and totally deserving of the duos first Best in Show. The return of the Plop we all know and love was welcome although I do have a soft spot for Plop serving fish and I love that Delonco is embracing the more evil characters. Question is, after three weeks of Disney numbers, what do The Dragon and the Whale bring to the stage for Disney week?

I still haven’t made my mind up about Rachel Rear but I know I wasn’t a fan of this weeks number. I can’t actually put my finger on what it was that I didn’t like about it I just wasn’t thrilled by the whole thing.

Wendy Towers definitely gets points this week for trying something new and singing live, even though she stood off stage and probably out of site of most of the live crowd to do it (I’d have been hiding under Miss Rory’s chair in Mary Jane Holland’s suit carrier if it was me!) and while the live wasn’t amazing it showed confidence that Wendy carried into the lip sync. I feel like Wendy is the queen who is best at listening to the critique each week and trying to improve herself week on week. I can honestly say that if I had been in the judges place on Sunday night I don’t think Wendy would have been one of the girls I sent home.

Sapphire Blue always brings 110% to the competition in terms of enthusiasm and that’s great but it can only get a person so far in any competition. While this week was no different in the enthusiasm steaks I do agree with the judges decision to shed Sapphire home this week but who knows, we might see her back on the Switch stage for next years competition. 

For the first time, this week I wasn’t completely on board with Cheap as Chips and just saying that breaks my heart ! The concept made sense to me, though maybe because I was familiar with Shaun of the Dead, but I don’t think it was possible to do it with the space provided and it came off as a little frantic. I can see it working better on the Boulevard stage where there’s more space and a big screen to play with. (Don’t worry boys, you’re still in my top four!)

Elle did it again this week, a return to the sexy confidence of week two, and yes a return to being very much my type! I loved the track, I loved the look and the makeup and the hair were flawless. I really hope Elle keeps the momentum going into Sunday.

This week is Disney week and I’m really hoping for some fresh numbers. There have been some amazing Disney week acts in the last few years and Jack Plastiq pointed out when we were filming the other night that the acts that do the best in Disney week tend to make it to the Boulevard stage for the final. What I want from Disney week; some kick ass princess’ and maybe some Star Wars!

L x


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