Drag Idol: Week 5

Are we only on week five? I feel like I’ve said that every week but this year honestly feels like it’s been going on forever, maybe because I’ve put myself in a position where I’m writing a blog every week? But anyway, here we are, weeks five and the eagerly awaited (just not by me) Disney week. Plastiq and I had chatted about Disney week and I had some ideas of what I would like to see but I honestly had zero idea what any of the acts would pull out. 

Rachel Rear opened the show, bringing with her two ‘backing queens’ to portray The Muses from Hercules. Rachel definitely looked the part as did the girls who accompanied her and I LOVE Hercules but that’s where my love affair with the number ended. I was totally indifferent to it from start to finish except to note that the lip sync could have been better. I preferred it to Rachel’s number last week, but other than that, nope. 

I loved every bit of Mary Jane Holland this week. I’d said to Plastiq that I wanted something a bit different, decided Timone and Pumba would be just the kind of crazy thing that Cheap as Chips would do, they didn’t, but Mary Jane Holland shoe horned it into a well thought out number that told a story and made me a tiny bit uncomfortable, and isn’t that what art is supposed to do, evoke an emotion even if it’s a negative one? I’ve really loved Mary Jane the last two weeks and I won’t deny I was sad to see her go this week. 

If you’re struggling to remember what’s happened in the competition so far like I am then give Elle Uminati’s number from this week a watch. Elle managed to fit a little bit of every week  along to a mash up of Sharpay numbers from High School Musical. I think I’ve probably mentioned how much I appreciate Elle’s look week on week and this week was no different. The number was clever but there was a lot going on which made it come off a little manic, I think maybe if Elle had had a little longer so she could spread out the gimmicks it might have looked a little more finessed, but the concept definitely gets points. 

Slutty Snow White costumes will always hold a special place in my heart because Sarah (the lady wife for those who don’t know) came out to her mother dressed exactly the same as Kitana was on Sunday night (before she started wandering round in her underwear!). Where Elle would have benefited from more time Kitana would have benefited from more space, but again the concept was good. And Kitana, sweetheart, keep wandering around in your underwear and I’ll keep saying nice things! 

Cheap as Chips have been so out there all competition that there was no point even trying to guess what they would come up with for Disney week. Again this week wasn’t my favourite of there’s, a mixture of too much going on and too much changing on stage which interrupted the flow of the number for me. They did fit a lot of Disney into their three minutes but I wonder whether they would have been better of alternating some of the films so they weren’t so rushed to get changed. They continue to embody an enthusiasm and love for what they are doing which is wonderful and surprising to watch. I’ve forgotten what their prop for next week is but I have no doubt they will have no problems fitting it into their number along with a few more if their form so far is anything to go by. 

Has anyone ever seen Delonco and Kim Woodburn in the same room before? Because I haven’t and I’m pretty sure that Delonco is more Kim Woodburn than Kim Woodburn is. It’s no surprise really that The Dragon and The Whale thought so far out of the box on this one that no one but them could have come up with it! They offered a true Dragon and The Whale twist on a Disney classic that was thoroughly deserving of a third best in show. I’m long past trying to decide which of their numbers I want to see again, bigger, on the Boulevard stage, because there is no doubt in my mind that they are going to get there, I’m also not going to try and guess what their original number is going to be because I could come up with the most ridiculous thing I could imagine and it wouldn’t come close to anything those two would come up with.

I’ve had my top four picked out for a couple of weeks now and they are still all going strong but next week is Props and Live Week and I feel like live is something that can trip some people up. In past years even some of the strongest performers have frozen when a microphone has been put in their hands and they have a set amount of time to fill. Obviously The Dragon and The Whale have had an aspect of live in a few of their numbers but I’ll be interested to see what the other acts bring.

I should probably think about buying my final tickets shouldn’t I?

L x


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