Drag Idol: Semi-Finals Week

Anyone who, like me, didn’t make it down to Switch on Sunday night to watch the semi final of Drag Idol probably woke up on Monday to a Facebook news feed full of cheesecake, glorified pubs and overpaid trannies and had not the slightest clue about what was going on. I gave up trying to work it out after about an hour of trying to piece together different things, told myself I didn’t care and went about my day. Except I kind of did care, so by lunch time I’d texted a friend who had been there for the info and he was glad to oblige. I was slightly baffled by what I was told but wanted to reserve judgement until I’d watched the video back. I won’t comment on the allegedly thrown cheesecake other than to say, what a waste of the best dessert known to man because I didn’t see it happen, but anything else is fair game. That’s for the end though and we’ll get there when we get there, I’ll start from the beginning shall I?

Drag Idol: Week Six, semi finals, thank fuck, and not only live week but also props week. All of the queens were randomly assigned a prop at the end of last weeks show which they needed to incorporate into their three minute number alongside three minutes of live at the end of their usual three minute number.
Live week always makes me a little nervous because it can go either way and even queens who have been consistently strong throughout the competition can fall when a microphone is put in their hand and it’s all down to them. If I ever entered Drag Idol live week would definitely be my downfall if I managed to get past week one, if someone put a microphone in my hand and then expected me to do something funny with it I would probably vomit and god knows that’s not cute.

The Dragon and The Whale opened the show, the only act I wasn’t worried about live wise because they’ve had an element of live in all of their weeks so far, with a Golden Girls number featuring their prop, the Queen, followed by a Q&A style live. The Golden Girls number wasn’t my favourite from the duo but it still had merit, their prop having an actual part in the number rather than simply standing on the stag while they carried on around it, but the live I loved. I’m glad they stepped away from singing live which would have been easy for Plop at least, and did something a bit different and I would have happily watched six minutes of live and done away with the Golden Girls altogether, though Plop makes a scarily believable old lady, who knew he had so many strings to his bow! It will come as a surprise to no one that The Dragon and The Whale sailed through the final and though I’ve said it once, it bears repeating, I can’t wait to see what they bring to the Boulevard stage for next weeks final.

We were all in agreement last night watching back that Elle Uminati makes a super cute brunette (though apparently she is now in possession of my favourite red bob so it would be good to see that…) she’s also witty and very good at putting a track together. Jack in the Box is one of my favourite Bank Bar Sunday afternoon songs and seeing Elle start with something a little older was refreshing as was the use of the theme ‘box’ throughout the whole number rather than just in the prop she was given. I could have done without big fish, little fish at the end but it did fit in with Elle’s self-imposed theme so I can’t be too mad about it. I can’t deny that I’ve forgotten all of Elle’s live now (I should scribble better notes really) but I remember it being better than I expected and definitely not the worst of the night!

Kitana was a queen on Sunday night (well ok, a princess but hush). The number was clever, well thought out and well executed and the look was good, though of course it helped that she ended up in her underwear at the end! The number on its own was deserving of a best in show and is definitely my favourite of Kitana’s numbers so far and the live only added to it, maybe, possibly, ok so I don’t remember but I refer you back to the previous paragraph, rubbishy notes, bad memory, took to long to write the blog…

I’m gutted but Cheap as Chips lost me a bit again this week, there number was frenetic, the live was…ok…but none of it thrilled me, sorry boys. I’m glad, so glad, that they get to bring their crazy style to the Boulevard stage and I honestly can’t wait to see what they bring to the extra space and the use of the screen though. Their numbers from the first few weeks secured their place in my top four and that hasn’t changed.

Rachel Rear confused me this week (I think confused is the word, I certainly can’t think of a better one at this point). She managed to drag her boyfriend up to look like a cross between Vicky Paris and the week on Ru Paul’s Drag Race where the queens have to make over a super butch jock type and I’m assuming that since the premise of the whole number was a skit on Drag Attack, or at least that’s what I got from it, the look was half intentional. Rachel though made herself look nothing like OB and given that in her live she took on the part of Ophelia B: Dragony Aunt I feel like that would have made sense. The number choice didn’t make sense to me either, it’s something I’ve seen done before but only ever in my early days on the scene (I’m 28 this year so we are talking at least ten years ago) and I haven’t been able to work out why Rachel would try to bring it back, if she wanted to bring back a number from around that time I feel like Sweep the Yard would have made more sense given that her prop for this week was a broom. Rachel’s comments during the judging are what has got the most people talking I think and it only made the whole experience more excruciating for me, the love was painful and it was all down hill from there. I can understand how, in that kind of high pressure situation, a person might say something that they maybe shouldn’t, and I’m not sure whether Rachel thought that calling Boulevard a glorified pub would get a laugh or what but it fell completely flat and it came as zero surprise to me that Rachel was the one to go home. You can get away with saying just about anything as long as your read is funny, unfortunately, Rachel wasn’t funny.

I can now confirm that, the top four I have been banging on about for the last few weeks, my top four, are actually all through to the final and I am thrilled for all of them. I know who I think will win but it’s such an unknown until we see what each act brings to Boulevard on Sunday.

See you all at the final

L x


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