Meet The Queens

So it’s finally final day and what better time to get to know our top four a little better. It struck me last week that I knew absolutely nothing about some of the queens and only a tiny bit about the others. I’m nosy so I sent the top four some questions (they were scribbled on scrap bits of paper I found on my desk it was totes professional) and every one of the bastards sent answers back which is why I’m sat here writing my second blog in two days, today with added post gym wobble.

Elle Uminati


I’d never heard of you before Drag Idol 2017, so, how long have you been doing drag?

I never did drag ‘properly’ as such until about 5 months ago when I covered a shift at #Central. It pretty much started from then when they asked if I wanted to work Friday nights!

We’re there any themes/weeks you were really dreading? Any you were really looking forward to

I was really looking forward to Disney because it was something fun and basically took the mick out of the competition which was great to plan!
From day 1 I dreaded live week purely because you can never really tell how you’d do if you made it that far, but as weeks went on I feared it less.

Did you think you’d get this far? You’ve been in my top four for the last few weeks but were you in your own top four?

Never! My goal was always to try make live week and see what happened but I thought that would be the end of the road for me if I ever made it that far, especially since the competition has been so strong this year.

What’s been the hardest thing about the competition for you?

The hardest part has definitely been trying to produce something in such a short space of time. I think a lot of people see it as quite easy to plan a number in a week and perform it but a lot of the contestants this year work, go to uni, and have a second job! So it’s actually a lot of stuff to do such as editing your track, planning any choreo, making or getting costumes and props, styling wigs, and such like in 7 days. It’s all worth it by Sunday night as soon as you get off of the stage though.

Boulevard is a big stage to fill, had you thought about what your final number would be before this week?

Absolutely not, oops. We’ve all probably had a few ideas floating about of things we’d like to try and bring to the Boulevard stage but there’s certain things we can’t do such as throw glitter, which is absolutely fair enough because it is such a famous stage but can throw a spanner in the works potentially.

What are you hoping will come from Drag Idol for you?

My goal from drag idol would be to try and get a little bit more drag work for myself and build my career up because of it. I don’t expect in the slightest to come from top 4 and be a considered a seasoned queen because in my opinion it shouldn’t work like that, but if drag idol gives my career a push in that direction then that’s all I could ask for.

Cheap as Chips


So firstly, why Drag Idol? I know there’s a rumour that Cris put you up to it, is that true?

To quote Chris Howe “no”

Well more accurately he told Liam he should do it then next thing I know I’ve been roped in. And to be fair the cheap as chips name and some good advice came our way from Chris.

How much time do you guys put into this? Between work and rehearsals and prop building, do you ever leave Switch?

Occasionally we leave switch. Only for long enough to get a cheesy chip wrap with lettuce and gravy. For more information on the cooling dynamics and crunch factor that lettuce brings ask Liam he has an extensive PowerPoint prepared for such a situation.

If you had entered last year I’m pretty sure Sarah and I would have asked the two of you to perform at the wedding as well as Plop. Do you think you’ll keep performing once the competition is over?

can’t think a funny answer, to this one here’s a couple of emojis instead 😡😍🍟

Some of your ideas have been pretty out there, are you both as crazy as each other or is it mostly just one of you?

Olly is he brains braun and beauty of the operation. Olly is also answering this question. Olly is referring to himself in the third person.

Best in show twice and through to the final. Looking back to week one did you expect to get this far?

did we fuck.

I personally have high hopes for you two in the final, had you planned anything in case you got this far or are you coming up with a fresh number this week?

This week? It’s Saturday now and we’ve not even sorted the choreography…
in all seriousness we genuinely just make it up as we go, sometimes it works sometimes it Shaun of the Deads. We’re just happy to get this far and Olly’s gonna put it on his CV

Dragon and The Whale


Everyone who has watched Drag Idol for the last few years will know you individually but what made you decide that you should put your crazy heads together and form a double act?

it just started off as this silly idea to go on dressed as each other and do each others numbers from the competition. We just wanted to surprise everyone really and make people laugh.

Going into week one did you think/ hope you would make it to the finals?

when we entered we didn’t even think as far as the final. Personally, after that week 1 gimmick, I didn’t think we’d have much else to offer but I think we’ve surprised ourselves.

What has been your favourite and least favourite number of the competition?

or me that week 1 number will always be my favourite. It still creases me when I watch it back to see Delonco flap about the place pretending to be me. My least favourite is probably the Halloween one. We had more planned for that one so I know it could have been better

Do you think you’ve been judged differently/ more harshly than others because of your experience both in Drag Idol and in Drag in general?

Yea and no really. We’ve never really been judged too harshly, except maybe for our Death Becomes Her. At the same time though, it was those critiques that made it clear exactly what people want to see from us. We do feel the pressure each week (well I do anyway, cos I’m a mess) because we have both done it before and people expect more from us, but so far we’ve been really lucky with the critiques and crowd reactions

You’ve both been to the final before, any advice for the other girls going into tonight?

if you can help it, try not to watch whoever is on before you from the wings. Last year I stood at the side of that stage and watched Octavia’s Hocus Pocus and it felt like someone ripped my balls off and shoved em down my throat. It totally affected my confidence in my Wales number and it really shows, I think.

Have you had a plan at all throughout the competition or have you just taken it week by week?

Not at all. Individually we are both totally different queens and tbh I wasn’t even sure we’d have any chemistry as a double act. Especially not enough to get us to the final., but it’s worked out better than I thought and I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved in the competition so far.

Any plans to keep performing as a double act after the competition?

why the fuck not innit lol

And a note from Danny Delonco:

Well I disagree -%200 with plop

No I don’t really, for me my lest favourite would possible by week 2 ( Beauty and beast ) the number turned out amazing but the stress beforehand was unreal because the pressure was so high and initially I was confident in the number but plop was about to shit him self before we went on stage and ended up stressing me out to the point that we nearly bailed.

And my favourite would be week one as well because it was such a surprise for everyone that we were entering the judges didn’t know, or the contestants the only one that knew was Cris Howe ( I may of let it slip to Jack) so seeing evey ones face was just great

Other than that I agree with what plop says , I can’t really remember my time in the final to be fair it was all a blur.


What made you decide to compete in Drag Idol this year?

So the past two years I’ve gave opinions and input, somewhat helped with previous contestants and thought to myself maybe I should just get myself out there too. I was speaking to Plastiq and Elle (with Elle already entering) and they said that I was running out of time to enter so I panicked and sent off my application before I fully committed to it myself. It’s fair to say that panic decision was the right one for me.

You looked pretty nervous with the fire week one, is that the most nervous you have been in the competitions?

The first week was my very first time on stage so I had those nerves to deal with, plus I’d never done a fire performance, whether it being inside or outside but I thought that would make a statement as an opening. I was feeling fine until my helper (holding the fire extinguisher) said just before I went up “I’m actually nervous for you” which then hit me like a brick. Plus I’d only learnt how to do that exactly one week before hand, with 2 practises before the actual show .. so it could have went terribly wrong.

Was there a theme you wanted to see but didn’t or a theme you really didn’t want but that came up?

With the themes actually back in January Elle and I made predictions in what will come up and what we wanted to see, I was lucky in the sense that 2 or 3 came up and I already had made the outfits I was wearing for that week, prop week I didn’t expect and it was a challenge but I think it was my favourite.

You’ve been in my top four for the last few weeks but did you think that you would get to the final and had you planned a number just in case?

Aw I appreciate that, thank you. I didn’t expect to make it no, I actually said I just wanted to make a positive image during the competition and where I came wasn’t important to me because from previous years it’s the contestants who have been crowd pleasers that have ended up with the most work after the competition. And no, I didn’t prepare anything for the final. I did have potential ideas if I made it (involving redoing my Harley Quinn) but as that performance wasn’t the best I’ve decided to leave it where it is… or I might have decided to take it down a different route… won’t ruin the surprise for anyone so we’ll see on Sunday.

You got best in show last week, did you go into your number and the live confident that you would do well or were you unsure about how it would go?

I’m still shooketh that I got best in show, especially against the dragon and the whale and seeing how confident they are with microphones and with me, it was my first time using one. I was bricking it, I was sat in the pig pen and I just went blank, forgot absolutely everything I was going to say and do and Elle could see and her advice was “fuck it” so I downed a pint of Guinness, repeated “fuck it” and just went for it. Lucky for me it paid off.


There you have it, straight from the horses mouths. I think tonight’s a close one and hangs totally on what each act pulls out of the bag, not long now till we find out though, so snap a lash ladies and we’ll see you on the other side. X


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