Our Big Fat Lesbian Love In: April 2017

So, it’s been a month and now I’m back with the first of my monthly roundups. I gave myself a month off mostly because blogging about Drag Idol killed off and desire I had to blog any more, there’s nothing like putting yourself in a position where a blog is expected every week to really kill off any creative buzz you might have had so I took a break and now I’m ready to start again.

I plan to blog bi monthly but that might change to more or less depending, I refuse to put the pressure on myself to make content if it doesn’t come easily, I guess that’s not the way to make money from blogging but I’m not really here to make money, I’m here to have fun so I’m going to blog my own way!

I always enjoy reading/ watching monthly round up blogs/ vlogs so I figure why not do my own, I use products, see films, read books that I want to recommend to people all of the time and I figure this is the perfect platform for that. So, here goes.

Tattoo seems to be the buzz word in our flat at the moment, between Sarah giving them to people and us getting them this year is turning into the year of the tattoo. This month we both got new ink, mine the second of the year and Sarah’s the first of the year but big enough to need two sittings.

Mine came through luck more than anything, Alex Rowntree is an artist I’ve been following on Instagram for months because I loved her style and knew that I wanted to be tattooed by her at some point then she posted a flash piece from Wall-e. I was totally in love, convinced that I wanted it right away, but knew I couldn’t afford to book it in. I already had my first tattoo of the year booked in and it was important to me that I got it first so, I made a deal with myself. Come March I’d contact Alex, if she still had the design available I would book in to have it done in April as a birthday present to myself, if she didn’t have it available, it wasn’t meant to be.

Lucky for me no one else had had the design yet so I booked myself in for the first week of my Easter break and got it done. I am in love. The picture Alex posted originally was a line drawing with no colour, obviously I know what colour Wall-e and Eva are but as for the back ground I had no idea what she was planning, then she said she was putting a galaxy in there and I fell in love even more.

It took about three hours, the longest I’ve sat for a tattoo and was the most solid colour I’ve had and I


can’t lie, after about two and a half hours everything became uncomfortable, my arm was so numb that I could barely feel it anymore but I could feel every other bit of my body and it all wanted to get up and move, I was freezing too and bleeding like a bitch (which beats passing out but still wasn’t ideal) but it was 100% worth it, honestly, I mean, look at it! Who wouldn’t be in love? It’s been about three weeks and it’s pretty much healed now and I won’t pretend that I’m not already planning other Disney Pixar/ Movie themed pieces for this arm plus my next tattoo!

Sarah had her tattoo started just before the beginning of the month and is having it finished on Wednesday at Cock A Snook on the Coast Road which is where I got my tattoo back at the beginning of February. Anyone who knows us knows that we have very different tastes in most things and that definitely extends to our tattoos. Sarah had a very specific vision of what she wanted and emailed the shop asking them if they could recommend any of their artists to do the piece. They were super helpful and put Sarah in touch with Amy Williams and the rest is history.

We both fell in love with Cock A Snook when I went to get my tattoo there, it’s a super cozy shop with enough oddities around to keep Sarah entertained for a long while, there’s a taxidermy duck with two heads that she is particularly taken with!

I knew the minute that I saw the look on Sarah’s face that she was in love with the design and she sat like a rock for three hours, something that I wouldn’t have managed to do if I was getting something on my upper back, I probably would have been unconscious after about half an hour.

I know I would definitely recommend Alex as an artist and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to see her at some point to add to this arm, I know Sarah would recommend Amy and we would both recommend Cock A Snook as a place to go. I’m after a storm in a teacup next so if anyone can recommend an artist, let me know, I pretty much want to get done by as many people as I can!

Because we have both been tattooed this month it stand to reason that all of the new cosmetics we have been trying/ looking at have been things that would help us heal and maintain our ink so these are my top recommendations for tattoo after care. Obviously the


basics are the same, keep it clean, keep it moisturised and, for the first few days, keep it wrapped if you are wearing clothes that might stick. (Take it from someone whose clingfilm slipped the first night after having it done, having your jumper stick to your tattoo and dry there is no fun at all!). I had Elbow Grease from Lush recommended to me back in February. We love Lush anyway so I figured I would pick some up and give it a try and I loved it. The formula and the application were great and it kept my tattoo super moisturised while it healed so automatically went and picked some up before my tattoo this month. I don’t know why, but it didn’t seem to work so well with my newest tattoo so, on Alex’s recommendation I picked up some Palmers Coco Butter (the stuff that comes solid in a pot rather than the stuff that they recommend for stretch marks) and it worked an absolute dream, it’s a little thicker than the Elbow Grease stuff and I think because this tattoo was so solid it needed that little bit extra moisturisation. The Lush Tea Tree Water is amazing after a week or so when things start getting itchy, it was recommended by a friend and I don’t know how I lived without it before, it’s cooling and the Tea Tree is antiseptic and antibacterial, all good things when stuff is still healing. The little guy at the bottom is Scrubee from this years Mother’s Day collection at Lush, I’m so glad I bought a second one before they vanished and I have found that the honey and coco butter are super once my tattoo is pretty much healed to keep the colours popping.

Music and Movie wise this month we, along with anyone who we talk to about it, are loving Moana. I wasn’t all that bothered about watching it but Sarah put it on one night and it was difficult not to get sucked in, I didn’t cry like Sarah did (from start to finish) nor do I get as excited about it as some of our friends (honestly, mention it in the group chat and the thing explodes) but I enjoyed it and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. I love Disney films that don’t revolve around the Princess finding her true love or being rescued by the Prince, I like my Disney Princess’ to be able to kick ass in their own right and Moana definitely does that.

I’m not one to listen to popular music often (Christ I’ve made myself sound ancient!) I listen to a little bit of everything but I rarely keep up with the top 40 and all of my playlists on Spotify are a little bit off beat. But this month I seem to have spent a lot of time in the lovely Michael’s car and he listens to the radio, I think it’s usually Metro, or Smooth except we discovered that when you’re emotionally wounded Smooth isn’t a good plan (the fact that I can sing along to Smooth doesn’t sell it either!). It means I have a actually heard a bit of the top 40 the month and I’ve fallen badly for a few tracks. I’m also super, super excited about new music from Paramore and Beth Ditto who I had forgotten how much I liked until I listened to her newest track. I know there were some people who were dissapointed by the new Paramore track, saying they wanted to go back to the Decode days but, as much as I love Decode, The Only Exception and Misery Business I also love a band that changes things up,  that moves with the times. Hard Times, for me, is vintage Ting Tings meets Paramore and I am not mad about it!

This is my top pick of music for this month, there’s probably a tonne out there that I’ve totally missed but these are the things I keep going back to over and over.

Well, that ended up being very tattoo heavy and pretty long, but I enjoyed it, I’m a fan of passing things I like onto other people so I hope you’ve found something in here that maybe you like too and honestly, go and watch Moana, it might put everything into perspective!

Till next time



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