Our Big Fat Lesbian Love In: May 

So this is late by about a week and I would apologise but it would be a lie! I wasn’t going to write it at all, had a bit of a crisis of confidence to be honest, but then I decided, why not, so what if I’m the only person who reads this it’s first and foremost a creative outlet for me and if I’ve learnt anything in the last few years its that I need to allow myself to be creative to keep myself level!

This month has very much been the month of new clothes, I had a clear out at the beginning of the month and filled an ikea bag with things to get rid of, the idea wasn’t to replace everything I got rid of but I’ve definitely gone some way to replacing what I got rid of. My purchases this month have mostly been from indie clothing brands I’ve found on instagram and I love every single thing that I’ve bought. It helps that I’ve lost a bit of weight recently but everything fits perfectly and has worked wonders for my confidence.

I love indie clothing labels, all of the ones I have bought for have been super lovely, I think because they rely on word of mouth for the majority of their custom unlike large chains, I also find the quality to be better than mass produced stuff, especially t-shirts. It also means its more small scale so even though I know other people in the world have the t-shirts I do, I’m highly unlikely to bump into another person wearing the same thing I am (and it wouldn’t be the first time I came into work and was wearing the same thing as a student and I’m never sure who that is more embarrassing for!). I also love the fact that you tend to get little freebies in you parcels, my laptop has never had so many cute stickers all over it!

I’ve had to physically stop myself buying anymore for now but I’ve already got my eye on a couple of other companies and also some more items from most of the places I’ve bought from this month!

Ellis Arch isn’t a clothing brand but a local(ish) tattoo artist I discovered through instagram and then discovered she had had a run of t-shirts screen printed featuring one of her designs. It is super cute and I’m impulsive so I bought it straight off, it was shipped the next day and I had it by the end of the week. I kind of wish I had taken a picture of the packaging when it came because it was beautifully doodled on! I got a sticker too, which totally helped my appreciation and I’ve found another artist I want to be tattooed by to boot, I just need to work out where I would put a spidery rose! I have looked this morning and there are still some t-shirts left but there’s other cute stuff too so you should totally look.

I’ve been following Stag Clothing on Instagram for an age but had never got round to buying anything. I bought my first t-shirt and loved it, though someone very kindly pointed out that it means I have ‘giants’ written right across my chest which just draws attention to the fact that they are giant! shortly after that they had a sale where I swiftly bought another two t-shirts with zero regrets. It helps that they all have ‘Stand Tall Amongst Giants’ written on them in some way, a totally positive affirmation to carry around with you all day, honestly. I won’t hesitate to buy more from them in the future.

Lost Ghost is another store I’ve been following for a long time but had never bought from until recently. I had to wait to get the t-shirt I wanted until I’d been paid by which point, unfortunately, it was sold out in my size, I wanted it so much though that I just bought a size smaller than I usually would and it fits like a dream! And stickers and a badge too because it was their birthday last month.

Someone I follow tagged Still Without Doubt in a post and I like what I saw so went for a look, there was a promo code on at the time so I saw no reason not to but at least something. The thing I love the most about this brand is that everything has a supper positive and self-affirming message on it. I* bought the long sleeved lighthouse t which says ‘every storm has an end’ and a grey t-shirt with ‘one life zero limits’ and I love them both, positivity is important and if you can get that from what you wear then even better! We seem to have skipped summer and gone straight to autumn here this week and part of me has been glad of the rain because it’s meant I can wear the long sleeved t to death, its my favorite. I think they are launching some new designs soon and I literally can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Another month, another Lush discovery, I should probably just stop going in until we’ve used most of what we’ve already got but I can’t physically do that because sometimes I just know exactly what I want in my bath that night so I have to go and get it, which inevitably leads to me buying more than one thing.

This month I have made a wonderful discovery, just in the nick of time. Come Christmas we are a house divided, our bathroom tends to be filled with a row of pink sparkly Snow Fairy, facing off against a row of green, mysterious Lord of Misrule, we both stock up as much as we can but inevitably we get to a point in the year where we run out, I am on the last half of my last small bottle of Lord of Misrule and I’ve been being super frugal with it to try and make it last as much as possible. But, on our last Lush trip I made a discovery, totally encouraged by the girl in store who shares my love of the Halloween/Christmas creation. It turns out that there are two years round products which share the same scent as Lord of Misrule; Monster and Alien fun and The Rough with the Smooth scrub, it’s safe to say I am now the proud owner of both. The fun makes a really good bubble bath and the scrub is the perfect level of rough (I like to be able to feel several layers of skin peeling off when I use a body or face scrub!). I would recommend both, specifically to people who like Lord of Misrule and, added tip; the girls I spoke to in lush (I wish I knew her name because she was lovely!) said the she puts a little bit of fun in her washing machine and all of her clothes come out smelling of it, I personally can’t think of anything better!


Book Love – because I manage to finish a book occasionally! I’ve always been a reader, always loved buying new books, but I read a lot less now than I used to because I find it hard to justify spending time reading when I feel like I have other things that I need to be getting on with. I do try to read on the bus to work but so often end up reading fan fiction on my phone rather than actually reading a book so it can take me a little while to actually finish anything, it also means that if something doesn’t grab my interest straight away I’m totally unlikely to get very far with it.

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo is my book of the month. I forget how much I love reading fantasy until I find a fantasy novel that I really get caught up with (it always ends up being the first of a trilogy too and this one is no exception and has also lead me on to another trilogy which focuses on a specific part of this universe) I’ve had to stop myself buying the second book straight away because I do have a stack of books waiting to be read. I got really sucked in by the characters and their back stories and the pace of the writing also kept me reading. Honestly, if you enjoy fantasy I recommend you give it a try and it’s a fairly easy read.

I’m currently reading 13 Reasons Why, mostly because the Netflix series is causing such a stir with students and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about (I refuse to watch shows before I have read the book). Though so far I’m getting the impression that the show is much more graphic than the book. I also have no idea how they could possibly make a sequel unless there is a massive twist at the end and she isn’t actually dead!

So this month I want book recommendations (because I’m a gluten for punishment) and Lush hacks because you can never have too much lush!

Till next time!

L x 



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